It's not just you… we all have our moments

It's not just you… we all have our moments

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Friends Don't Let Friends Eat Strangers

Took off work a week early so I could travel to Land's End and experience all the majesty the Florida Keys have to offer. 

In other words, I'm as far away from familial holiday disfunction as I could afford to go. 

My best girlfriend and I took the red-eye Monday night.  (After having given her lice in first grade, I'm surprised she cares to travel anywhere near me at all.)  

In less than 24-hours, we've not only been called "ridiculous" by an ugly girl in an airport bathroom (& she wasn't calling us funny), but I was almost consumed by an Alligator/ Crocodile/ Dinosaur.

Fortunately, this guy's friend convinced him not to eat me; claiming he couldn't tell where I've been, but by the looks of it,  I probably wasn't "safe."

Wish I would have had half this reptile's foresight during my twenties.